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Are you looking to import seafood from India?

Avon Seafoods specialize in sourcing frozen seafood from India to US. We have great relationships with factories growing diverse aquaculture species in great infrastructural production facilities. We use sustained measures to ensure quality of the seafood you order.

We specialize in the export of frozen fish and shrimp especially the L. Vannamei shrimp, a major seafood delicacy. Besides frozen shrimp and frozen fish, we also do frozen squid. In fact, we deliver all seafood products including fish, crustaceans, molluscs and others. Whether it is Litopenaeus vannamei (whiteleg shrimp) or Penaeus monodon (black tiger shrimp), we handle shrimp categories like headless shell on (HLSO) shrimp, PDTO (peeled and deveined tail on), peeled & deveined, peeled & deveined tail off, peeled undeveined, head on shell on and BTTY-TO (butterfly tail on).

Seafood export industry in India has grown huge over the years. Shrimp, Fish, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Crabs, Clams and Mussels etc. are being exported now. India is the best place for you to grow your wholesale, distributor or retail businesss of seafood.

We are a service oriented, customer focused agency that will do our utmost to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our seafood products and services. We help importers, wholesalers and distributors to provide the best quality seafood.




We know the good and the bad ones out there. We source seafood directly from reliable and reputed HACCP/ FDA compliant processors. We have strategic sourcing/locations providing continuity of supply


We do stingy negotiations directly with the packers for you at the best rates in line with market trends, local catches / harvests, and seasons.

Quality Control

Our experienced team will supervise every consignment during production, after production and before loading for quality, weight, size, glazing, packing, labeling etc.


Shipment & Docs

We ensure timely shipment and documentation. We follow up with you until your goods are received at your place satisfactorily.


Value Added Products

We assist in developing new products for you. Let us help you in creating new flavors, forms and blends in line with the trends, convenience or health choices of your customer. 

Market Information

We will keep you informed and educated of availability and demand of various species, sizes, prices, seasons, and local catch trends.

Top 18 US Shrimp Import Sources by Volume,
January 2018

Country Metric Tons Change
January 2018 January 2017
INDIA 20,145 13,566 49%
INDONESIA 11,954 10,775 11%
ECUADOR 7,120 5,348 33%
THAILAND 5,538 6,467 -14%
CHINA 5,434 4,025 35%
VIETNAM 4,088 3,908 4%
MEXICO 2,490 2,219 12%
HONDURAS 884 640 38%
ARGENTINA 780 838 -7%
PERU 721 800 -10%
GUYANA 606 880 -31%
VENEZUELA 525 170 208%
NICARAGUA 225 171 32%
PHILIPPINES 216 151 43%
BANGLADESH 215 281 -23%
PANAMA 208 218 -5%
GUATEMALA 103 300 -7%
CANADA 100 103 -3%
Total for all countries 61,593 51,102 21%
Source: National Marine Fisheries Service